Anime/Rap Mash-up Mix

Dont Say Lazy - K On Feat.Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, The Champs & Beyonce | Swimming Inside Pools - Chuunibyou X Kendrick Lamar | Platinum Level Circulation - Avicii X Tsukihi Araragi X Nadeko Sengoku | Uragiri no Yuuyake - Durarara!! Vs. Jay Z| Blumenkanye - Kanye West Vs. Hiroyuki Sawano | Seikan Therapy - Macross Frontier X Robin Thicke | Dou Kangaetemo Watashi Wa Warukunai - Watamote X Usher | Diamonds Are Forever - Kanye West Vs. K On! | Synchro’gin - Galilei Donna X D’angelo | Pre Habits - Toradora! X Maxwell | Holozzz - Nichijou X Bon Iver | Like I Love Iu Toori - TheTatami Galaxy X Justin Timberlake | Coolish - Working!! | Dangomau5 Daikazoku - Deadmau5 X Clannad | Consolation Presents - Love Live! X Phoenix | Coloring 1 - Papa No Iu Koto O Kikinasai! X Interpol | Renai Circulation - Tupac

[listen here]

Nujabes - Still Talking To You


Still Talking To You // Nujabes





Flare, from Homestuck, slowed down 10%.

who would have thought making a slight speed change would turn an already great song into something beautiful?

originally by Clark “Plazmataz” Powell

With every sing piano key i can hear my heart getting ripped out again

This is gorgeous…..

Yet another thing I’m really liking today

even if you don’t like homestuck this is magnificent

heart out- static preview (1) (2) (3)/code

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please like or reblog if you use or simply like the theme and contact me if theres something wrong with it! thank you :-)

fantasy and dream // a two-part mix to send you to your imagination.


Ladies 2014 - The best comebacks of kpop ladies from the first half of 2014


AOA - Miniskirt / Sunmi - Full Moon / Fiestar - One More / Mamamoo - Mr. Ambiguous / f(x) - Red Light / SPICA - You Don’t Love Me / 2NE1 - Crush / Gain - Fxxk U / Girl’s Day - Something / SNSD - Mr. Mr. / Hyosung - Good Night Kiss / 4minute - Whatcha Doin’ Today / Jiyeon - 1Min 1Seg

[listen] [download]


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